About Our Diploma Prep Courses

Our Courses are currently offered in two different formats, in-person and on-demand. For all formats, there is teacher lead instruction that will cover the curriculum through notes and diploma exam style questions, including guidelines and test taking strategies. Students will receive course materials which contain lots of notes and practice questions.

Our In-Person courses (denoted by numbers) are held at the University of Calgary in January and in June and are the best way to experience the prep. It is easier to communicate with students to clarify issues and to give help. Being part of the live experience is more stimulating and engaging, and students benefit from the structured format. There is time for one-on-one help before, during class, and after class. Room locations will be next to your option number at least four days before the start of your class.

The On-Demand format (denoted by letters) is pre-recorded video instruction viewable anytime during a specified period of time, or for a consecutive five-day period of your choosing. The course materials are only viewable online and cannot be printed or downloaded but will be available to you until the day of the diploma exam. For January and June, some of our on-demand options have a choice for students to either pickup a hardcopy of the materials or have the materials mailed out to them. The videos and the materials will be available to you at 6:00pm the day before the first date indicated on your option letter. Some on-demand options include at least four hours of live teacher help; this will be indicated in the description of the course. We use the Thinkific platform for our on-demand courses.

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