Dealing with Test Anxiety, Managing Stress, and Learning Study Strategies

Cost: $20

This course explores the causes of test anxiety and ways to prevent it. Students will learn several strategies for dealing with test anxiety in the moment, and have the opportunity to practice them in the course. Additionally, students will explore a variety of stress management techniques that apply to everyday life. Subject-specific study tips will also be provided. This course is suitable for Grade 10, 11, and 12 high school students.

Here are the types of symptoms and feelings one may have if they have test anxiety or suffering from stress.

If a student has test anxiety, they may have feelings of worry or dread, racing thoughts, an inability to concentrate or a mind that goes blank. A student may also experience physical symptoms such as a fast heartbeat, headache or nausea.

Stress-related symptoms include difficulty concentrating, fatigue, physical illness (headaches and stomach aches), sleep issues, changes in eating habits or feeling irritable, angry, nervous, anxious or overwhelmed.